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Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

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Clinic-grade formula of whitening gel is specially designed for sensitive teeth. It is added with aloe extract and mint, which can be anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory to achieve soothe and calm effect. The silicone on the device is soft and skin-friendly which is removable and washable.

Prismile is a high-technology smart touch teeth whitening device with IPX7 level of waterproof function and designed as an automatically shut down system when time is up. More convenient and pleasant teeth whitening experience for you with Prismile’s wireless design.

Two different modes in a single device ( Two In One )

  • Blue-ray: accelerate the whitening gel reaction
  • Red-Blue light: calm and soothe to lower the teeth sensitivity

诊所级配方的美白凝胶 专为牙齿敏感一族而设,还特别添加了芦荟萃取液 & 薄荷成分,能够抗菌消炎且达到舒缓镇静作用。Prismile 拥有 IPX7 防水级功能。仪器上的硅胶可拆洗,而且硅胶质地非常柔软亲肤。无线的机身设计与智能触屏亮灯功能结合时间倒数自动关机模式带给你更为方便的美牙体验。

Prismile 主打蓝光 & 红蓝光 两种模式

  • 蓝光:加速凝胶反应
  • 红蓝光:镇静舒缓牙齿(敏感牙齿一族的福音)
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