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PriSmile is leading the way in beauty with teeth whitening product that are made with natural ingredient. Comfortable and gentle on teeth, PriSmile's design is perfect for each and every teeth, especially sensitive teeth. Bring out your teeth's natural white and beauty with PriSmile!

PriSmile is a high technology smart teeth whitening device. Clinic-grade formula of whitening gel is approved by Food and Drug Administration ( 𝐅𝐃𝐀 ) and National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency ( 𝐍𝐏𝐑𝐀 ).


The premium brand Dentissimo products for oral care were developed by specialists of the leading dental clinic in Switzerland, Perfect Smile Swiss Dental Care, Bad Ragaz Grand Resort medical center. The source of inspiration for internationally renowned doctors – Dr. Michael Meier, Founder of the Perfect Smile Dental Care Bad Ragaz clinic, Switzerland, and his colleagues from Oral Care Research and Development department in Global Swiss Group, Switzerland, – originated from thermal water of a unique spring in the Swiss resort of Bad Ragaz.

Dentissimo toothpaste formulas were developed taking into account the latest research on oral care methods and considering the patients’ individual specific features.

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