• What is PriSmile?

          PriSmile is a professional teeth whitening kit to perform teeth treatments.


  • How to use PriSmile?

         PriSmile professional teeth whitening kit is designed to be handy and user friendly. Follow the instruction card in the box.


  • Is PriSmile safe to use?

          Absolutely! PriSmile Professional teeth whitening kit complies with NPRA and FDA certifications that indicate product safety and health.


  • Does the treatment hurt the teeth?

          No! The whitening gel that we used are gentle to teeth and suitable for each and every teeth.


  • How long to get the result ?

          PriSmile users notice the result of the treatment varies with different individuals.


  • Are the result permanent with PriSmile?

         To maintain long-term results, we suggest using our device 2-3 times monthly.


  • Is PriSmile safe to use while pregnant or breast-feeding?

        Just as a precaution, we will not recommend using our device if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

  • Does PriSmile whitening kit work for all teeth?

         PriSmile teeth whitening kit generally whiten only real teeth and lighten the color of the dentin by breaking down the stubborn stains.

  • How to clean the kit?

        The silicone can be washed or soaked in the mixture of water and denture cleanser tablets to keep hygiene since it can be removed from the device.

  • How does the blue and red led light work?

         The blue-ray and blue-red light work with PriSmile’s whitening gel to whiten teeth by activating the whitening agent and starting the effective reaction. LED light will not change the color of the teeth if used alone. It acts as a catalyst to speed up the whitening process's reactions when combined with our whitening gel.

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